Read > Lead > Achieve

For more than 100 years, Pi Beta Phi has believed in the power of reading. Read > Lead > Achieve® is Pi Beta Phi's philanthropic effort, which inspires a lifelong love of reading that can unlock true potential creating a more literate and productive society. It is easy to get involved in Pi Beta Phi's Read > Lead > Achieve reading initiatives. Our charge is for each and every Pi Beta Phi to find a way they can participate, donate or advocate for Read > Lead > Achieve!

Pi Phi's international Read > Lead > Achieve initiatives include the following:


My name is Caitlin Fisher and I am the current Director of Service
and Philanthropy for Pi Beta Phi’s SC Beta chapter at Clemson University. As Director of Service and Philanthropy, I am in charge of ensuring that Pi Beta Phi remains true to our philanthropic efforts through our philanthropy, Read > Lead > Achieve. At Pi Beta Phi we believe that the ability to read is the ability to become anything that you want to and everything that you’re able to. The ability to read unlocks a person’s full potential and creates a more literate and productive society. I love our philanthropy because of the interactive role that we play in the local community.

Throughout the semester, we have girls that go to the local elementary schools every day to read with children of all different ages and abilities to become “book buddies”. There is truly nothing better than seeing the pure joy in a child’s eye when they realize that they just read a whole book by themselves! Along with our “book buddies” program, every year around March 2nd, we hold our Fraternity Day of Service which is where we hold a book drive to collect books that we then donate to children and schools that may not have access to an ample supply of books.

Along with book buddies and our Fraternity Day of Service, we hold 2 main philanthropy events - one in the spring and one in the fall. In the spring we hold an event called Barbecue for Books which consists of great food, live music, a silent auction, and a gift card pull. In the fall we hold an event called Pi Phi Pizookie night which is a night full of cookies and ice cream with a DJ as well as the ability to pie a Pi Phi! The proceeds raised from both of these events are donated to our philanthropy, Read > Lead > Achieve®. 

As Pi Phi’s, we love to have fun while we support and better the community around us. We love our philanthropy and we hope that you are just as excited and passionate about reading as we are!


Below are photos from our 2019 Fraternity Day of Service at Six Mile Elementary School

In 2019 we donated 4,422 books to a local elementary school!