Pi Beta Phi
At Clemson University

"My freshman year here at Clemson has been full of such sweet moments with the sweetest, most joyful girls I've ever come to know-all thanks to Pi Beta Phi!  What makes this sisterhood so significant is that we hold each other to a higher standard and encourage our sisters to do things our mind, spirit and heart do not know we are capable of.  All 13 sororities here at Clemson bring something special to the table, but Pi Beta Phi is a perfect portrait of what it means to be a woman of integrity, honor and respect, personal and intellectual growth, and philanthropic service to others.  When I look at Clemson Pi Phi, I see sisterhood, kind smiles, lifelong commitment, sincere friendship, genuine personalities, loyalty, encouraging hugs, high spirits and a unique diversity.  Thank you Clemson University for making us family, but thank you Pi Phi for making us sisters.  My oh my, I love Pi Beta Phi!"

-Georgia Loadholt

Pi Beta Phi has led me to so many incredible women and friendships that I will forever be grateful for. Without Pi Phi I would not have the Clemson experience that I know and love today and a lot of that involves my fellow sister, Alessia. I meet Alessia on bid day when we ran down the hill together toward our new Pi Phi sisters. We stuck together on bid day immediately bonding and trying to keep a similar face around. Through new member meetings and other Pi Phi events we quickly became became best friends. I don’t mean that in a cliche way at all. She’s my shoulder to cry on, my biggest supporter, my partner in crime, and now my roommate on the hall!! I never thought I’d find a home 1,500 miles away from where I grew up but I have found my home and sisters in Pi Phi.

-Samantha Layne

Abbey Quirk's Sisterhood Story

I’ve met so many amazing women and friends through Pi Phi, but I’m most grateful to Pi Phi for giving me my best friend. Katie and I first met when we were in the same Pi Chi group during recruitment. Between rounds of recruitment, we bonded over the fact that we live 15 minutes away from each other in New Jersey, but didn’t know each other before recruitment. When we both went Pi Phi totally by chance, I was ecstatic to already know one of my sisters. Katie’s the kindest, and most supportive person I’ve ever met. I know she is always there for me, putting a smile on my face, giving me a hug when I need one, or going on countless adventures with me. Whether it’s studying in the library or watching The Bachelor, Katie is my partner in crime and go to girl for everything. We’ve gone to every function and event together and have been inseparable since Bid Day. Katie’s my sister and my best friend and I can’t wait for us to be roommates on the hall next year! 

Sarah Beth Barker's Sisterhood Story

I’ve told the story of how Nora and I became friends a million times and I’ll tell it until the day I die. Nora and I met on bid day and were in the same friend group but we weren’t close. We both did book buddies at the same time and we became friends through the car rides back and forth to Six Mile Elementary School. By the time we came back for second semester of freshman year we were inseparable. Nora is everything I wanted in a best friend and more. She’s loyal, funny and loves me for me. Nora will randomly text me "Hey I love you. Thanks for being my best friend." I don’t think she knows how much that means to me. Nora truly is family. I got to spend a weekend with her family and friends in Boston last summer. She spent Easter with my family. Our parents are now friends and our littles are best friends. Because of Pi Phi 2 girls who grew up 1,000 miles from each other get to be best friends.